Nuxt 2.4.0 introduced a new feature allowing custom commands to be added to Nuxt's CLI.

Alongside nuxt build and nuxt generate, you can now run nuxt init and nuxt test among others listed below:

Command Description
nuxt init Generate a project template to get you started
nuxt test Test code with Jest using presets for handling Vue components
nuxt lint Lint code with ESLint using a preset config for resolving Nuxt path aliases
nuxt format Format code with Prettier and optionally ESLint by passing --lint
nuxt clean Delete generated files and directories
nuxt serve Serve a statically generated site created with nuxt generate
nuxt stats Generate a Webpack Bundle Analyzer report showing client bundle build stats


To view the usage dialog for any command add --help or -h

For example: nuxt init -h or nuxt test --help

The same information can also be found on the respective command page by clicking the command in the table above or in the navigation sidebar.