nuxt init

Generates a project template. Use the default fancy template to see more features in action. Alternatively, use the basic template to generate just the configuration files and an empty index.vue page.

Usage: nuxt init <dir> [options]

Option Default Description
-s, --src-dir src Source directory
-g, --generate-dir dist Generate directory
-b, --build-dir .nuxt Build directory
-o, --overwrite false Overwrite any existing template files or configs
-t, --template fancy Project template to use. Options are basic or fancy
-e, --vscode false Output VSCode settings.json and jsconfig.json
-k, --no-hooks true Do not inject scripts and hooks into package.json
-v, --version N/A Display nuxt version
-h, --help N/A Display help dialog


Generate the basic project template:

nuxt init --template basic

Generate the fancy project template with VSCode settings and jsconfig:

nuxt init --vscode

Generate the fancy project with the source folders (pages, styles etc.) at the root of the project:

nuxt init --src-dir